About Polyiger

A revolution in protective coatings, Polyiger is India’s leading provider of spray-on protective coatings . Our products are utilized in industrial,commercial, agricultural, military and custom applications. POLYIGER specializes in spray elastomers has led the industry through many years of actual field testing. Specialized equipment is combined with the right materials and product information to produce sprayable elastomeric coatings.


Polyiger offers a 100% integrated and protective coating system to meet all your needs. From a simple single layer Polyiger coating to a multi-layered coating incorporating primers, damp-proof membrane and UV stable top coat and individual elements are interchangeable to provide a comprehensive bespoke solution.Polyiger specializing in the sector of the distribution of specialty and functional chemicals and prime materials for application of coating, special flooring, insulation and all sorts repair work in construction ,commercial, residential, ship building, automotive and industrial installations. At Polyiger we have an expert team that offers our clients the necessary continuous technical advice to successfully carry out all kinds of applications and projects, whether in the field of construction, rehabilitation, civil work or in that of the industrial applications. Currently our presence on the market is getting stronger every day thanks to the confidence of our clients in the whole range of our functional solutions.