What is POLYIGER- P series?

POLYIGER- P series is a revolutionary market leader of spray-on elastomer coating. POLYIGER- P series is a series of quick drying coatings who is designed to different commercial areas. The coating protects almost every surface against strokes, corrosion and abrasion. POLYIGER- P series protects pickups, trailers for horses, industrial materials and wearing parts.

Can I paint on the top of POLYIGER- P series?

Yes, POLYIGER- P series can be painted with most of the PU paint types. (Remember always do make a small test!)

Which applications can be used and only for vehicles?

POLYIGER- P series has applications to almost everything from drinking reservoirs to shot protection and again protection against bombs.

Is POLYIGER- P series like paint?

No, POLYIGER- P series is a series of spray-on polyurethanes coatings. The coating after spraying is dry and touchable in 3-20 seconds. POLYIGER- P series can be applied in all thickness without waiting time between the layers.

Does POLYIGER- P series content solvents?

No, POLYIGER- P series is 100% free of solvents and doesn’t either content any kind of gas.

Which colors can be chosen?

POLYIGER- P series can be dyed in a wide range of colors.

Which surfaces does POLYIGER- P series bond at?

With the correct treatment will POLYIGER- P series bond at almost every surface. Wood, glass fiber, steel, aluminum, concrete and more.

What is the weight at POLYIGER- P series and what consumption has to be used?

POLYIGER- P series has a weight at 1 kilo/millimeter/square meter, so by a thickness at 2 millimeter will the consumption be 2 liter and approximate 2 kilo.

How does the material look at my items?

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